Cellular Reference

The following instructions apply to Verizon cell phones

Voicemail Instructions

  1. To access voicemail from your cell phone, dial *86. From any other phone, dial your 10-digit cell phone number.

  2. If you are calling from any phone other than your cell phone, press # during the greeting. If calling from your cell phone, skip to step 3.

  3. If this is the first time accessing voicemail, you will be prompted to select a language and create a security code during the initial set-up. That set-up will take approximately 5 minutes and must be completed prior to listening to any messages. From then on, enter your security code when prompted.

Reset Voicemail Security Code

If you do not remember your security code, you may reset it by contacting customer service at *611 or 800-922-0204.

Voicemail Problems

If callers cannot leave you a message due to either an error message (other than your voicemail box is full) or a busy signal, dial *73 send. You should hear a confirmation beep that sounds like a dial tone, and the call may hang up on its own. Try calling your cell phone number from a different phone to verify your voicemail is working.

Lock Code

If you have locked your basic phone and do not know the lock code,
Enter the last 4 digits of your cell phone number

If you have changed it to a different number and cannot remember the lock code, it may be necessary to restore your phone back to factory settings. This will result in a loss of data.

We are not able to find out or bypass your lock code.


Verizon phones carry a one year warranty. This warranty covers manufacturer defects, not including physical damage or water damage. If you have an issue within the first 14 days, please go back to where it was purchased. Otherwise, call customer service at *611 or 800-922-0204 for replacement. See store for questions.


Many issues on basic phones may be resolved by removing the battery while the phone is powered on, or by reprogramming the phone by dialing *228 send, then select option 2.

Many iPhone problems including frozen screens or inability to turn on may be solved by doing a soft reset, holding down the power and home buttons at the same time until it looks like the phone is powering off (or if it is off, until you see the Apple logo).

iPhones may have too many items running in the background, which causes random problems. To close programs, from the home screen double click the home button. Smaller rectangles should show up on the screen. Swipe the rectangles upwards until the only one left is the home screen. Hit the home button or the remaining rectangle to exit. You may also want to do a soft reset as described above.

Insurance Replacement

To make an insurance claim, please contact Asurion at or 888-881-2622.

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