Computer Repair

Besides selling computers and accessories, we employ a computer technician. No matter where you got your PC, our tech can upgrade, restore, and add-on to your system.

Business customers: our computer tech can come to you!

Repair Rates:
In-Store $65/hour
Service Call $75/hour

*Note: Rates charged in half hour increments. Hourly rates do not include replacement parts or software. Computers are repaired in the order they were received.

Questions? Contact us by phone or email


Electrical Service Calls and ContractingOn the Job

We serve local businesses of all sizes. Our team of electricians can handle problems as small as a switch and as large as wiring a new building. We have two master electricians on staff.




Electricians Use Our Bucket Truck in Ashland

Call or email to set up service.


Audio Equipment, Security Cameras, Cellular Boosters Installations

From adding an audio system to installing cell phone boosters, our team is well versed in different technologies that can enhance your business. We'll create a system to meet your needs.

Call or email Alan for more information.


Video Transfers

Have tapes of home movies laying around? Let us transfer your memories onto DVD. We can transfer from VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, mini-DV and memory cards.

Dubbing Rates:
$12 per hour of tape, $12 minimum charge
$8 per extra copy on DVD

**Note: We are unable to transfer Hi-8 tapes or 8mm reels. Same day service and editing are not available.

Call or email Sarah for more information.



We recycle the following products for free:

We recycle the following products for a small fee:

We do not accept electronics for recycling. Please check with the City of Ashland or local scrap yards for availability and pricing.