Frquently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Verizon Wireless Customer Service?

Dial *611 from your cell phone, or call

You're an electrical contractor. Can you do electrical work at my house?

We work at businesses on service calls and at commercial and industrial construction sites. We do not do residential work at this time.

Can you refer any local contractors to do work at my house?

We do business with several local contractors, but are not familiar with their work. We recommend that you check local listings and references.

Can I use a RadioShack gift card at your store?

No. We have not been able to accept gift cards as payment since March 2015. This is due to RadioShack's bankruptcy and sale. RadioShack gift cards are neither issued nor accepted at this time.

How do I print digital pictures at the store?

We have two self-service digital photo machines in the store. Bring your images on a memory card, flash drive or CD and use the kiosks to print 4x6, 5x7 or 8x10 images. Employees are available to answer questions about using the machines. One of our machines does have a scanner, however to have an employee scan pictures for you will result in an additional cost.

What's your return policy?

Verizon Wireless products have a 14-day return policy. Apple products must have Find My iPhone turned off, or the customer must provide Apple ID login information so it may be turned off. All other products are subject to a 30-day return.

All returns must be accompanied by all of the original packaging, accessories and manuals in new, resalable condition free of physical and water damage. Items that do not meet these conditions may be rejected or subject to a 15% restocking fee. A receipt is required. Items originally purchased on a credit card must be returned to a credit card. Software, prepaid airtime, bill payments, and gift cards with visible pin numbers may not be returned. More restrictions may apply.

You are responsible to remove all personal and other confidential information from a product being returned such as photographs, videos, contact lists, personal data, apps, etc. (Data). By returning the product, you agree that you are abandoning all rights to all Data remaining on the product and will have no claim should any of this Data be lost, stolen, corrupted, or misused. You are hereby notified that RadioShack and Omer Nelson Electric, Inc. assume no liability or responsibility for this Data, and by returning the product you are agreeing to release, indemnify and hold RadioShack and Omer Nelson Electric, Inc. harmless from any liability, claims and damages related to any Data remaining on the returned product.

Can I return something I bought from another RadioShack store?

Sometimes. Items that we do not sell and online only purchases cannot be returned here. Items must purchased within the last 30 days, accompanied by a receipt, with all original packaging in new, resalable condition. Sometimes we sell an item for less than RadioShack's suggested retail price. If this is the case, we will return only the amount that we sell the item for. Note: Any returns will be subject to the local sales tax rate of 5.5%, regardless of the sales tax rate of the place of purchase. (i.e. If you bought an item in Duluth with a 8.375% tax rate, we can only refund our local 5.5% tax rate.)

Can I return something I bought from O.N.E. at another RadioShack store?

Maybe. We purchase items from several vendors and other RadioShack stores will not take those items back. Other stores may take back RadioShack items when accompanied by receipt. Each store has its own return policy, please check with a store regarding their policy if you wish to return items to a different location.


Can I return a cell phone purchased at another store?

We are only able to accept returns for Verizon Wireless products purchased at this store. All other returns must be handled by the the original store or website where purchased.

What cell phones do you sell?

We are a Verizon Authorized Wireless Retailer.

Do you sell TracFones?

No. We sell neither TracFones nor airtime for them. We sell Verizon Wireless Prepaid phones. Refer to your service provider's website for information regarding products, services, and support.

What does it mean to be an Authorized Dealer or Retailer?

Authorized Agents, Dealers and Retailers are stores authorized to sell a company's products and services.

Each agent is its own business entity. As such they may price phones or other products as they wish, and may offer different services.


I purchased my Verizon Wireless phone from another retailer. Can you help me?

We may carry products to fit your phone and would be happy to answer a few questions and help you purchase the right accessories. However, we are limited to the amount of service we can provide for a phone we did not sell - even if you purchased the phone directly from Verizon. Any returns or exchanges must go through the place from which you purchased the device.

What information do I need to make a change on my cellular account?

For postpaid accounts: The account holder may make changes to a Verizon Wireless account (including upgrading phones) by verifying identity, including a photo ID as well as the account password/pin number. Other persons previously authorized by the account holder and listed on the Verizon Wireless account may make changes, including upgrading equipment, and must verify the password on the account.

For prepaid accounts: The account holder must verify the name as well as any password set up on the prepaid account.


How do I move information from one phone to another?

Verizon equipment may use a free service called Backup Assistant or Verizon Cloud to backup and transfer contacts. Or use Verizon's Content Transfer app. Apple iPhones can either sync to iTunes or use the iCloud backup system.

There is a $30 transfer fee for us to transfer content for those who get their phones from other places (i.e. online, other retailers or stores, ebay, friends, etc.). It is not always possible for us to transfer content, most prepaid phones have limited capabilities and we are unable to transfer content from them.

We are happy to transfer information at no cost for our customers who are activating or upgrading phones.


Can I pay my cell phone bill at the store?

Yes. We accept cash payments for Verizon Wireless prepaid and postpaid accounts. State tax and convenience fees may apply. To make check or credit card payments, please contact Verizon's customer service department.


Where can I recycle electronics?

We recycle fluorescent lamps, cell phones, rechargeable batteries, ink, and toner cartridges in store. (Note: fluorescent lamps and rechargeable batteries may incur a charge.) For other items please check with local scrap yards or annual "Clean Sweep" events.

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